M i s s F A N
Host of "Art of EmilyFAN", the studio & " ART.EMILYFAN.COM "
Practicing major in western arts media and miniature sence creation; studied in arts college and youth arts education program etc; prizes recipient since childhood; received education major in "Children/Youth Arts Education"; "Youth Arts (painting) Teacher Delevolpment Higher Certificate"; "Youth Group Art Therapy (painting) Certificate"; School arts director; Fine arts teacher; Minaiture arts tutor & Contest/competition judge, etc.
Major awards: ARTucation Biennial Exhibition 2005 by Hong Kong Society for Education in Art
Major Exhibitions : Kowloon Region Scout Art Club Inauguration Exhibition, 1st Hong Kong Miniature Society Members Exhibition, 21st Tsuen Wan Arts Festival, Teacher & Students Arts Exhibition 2004 & 2005, Exhibition for All by Museum 63
Works are collected by private & corporate sectors..
"Kowloon Region Scout Art Club" founder / founding vicechair, member of: Hong Kong Society for Education in Art, Hong Kong Miniature Society & Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union.
Founder of 1577th NT Scout (Art Forumn) Group & 1169th Kowloon Scout (Cannan Kindergarden) Group, Outstanding Scouter Award recipient .
Gold & Silver Volunteer Service Certificate awarded by Social Welfare Department.