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Sketch Practice "Canada Goose" DreamHOUSE "Cannis's Study" Christmas Deco 03
21st Tsuen Wan Arts Festival (UnderConstruction)
  Tsuen.Wan.Class#1 Tsuen.Wan.Class#1  
Sketch Practice "A Bird" DreamHOUSE "Exhibition 04" Miniature "MeowMEOW Family 03"
First HK Miniatures Show 2004   (UnderConstruction)
5500 Little Artists Relay Great Paint Tseung.Kwan.O.Class#1  
Sketch Practice "Basket & Bird" DreamHOUSE "Emily Collection 03" "Huang & Hei" -The Meow   Exhibition for All 04   Tseung.Kwan.O.Class#1  
  DreamHOUSE "Cannis's Study"
The Art of Emilyfan,  Studio Exhibition  (UnderConstruction)
  Chai.Wan.Class#1 Tseung.Kwan.O.Class#2  
misc Tsuen.Wan.Class#1 Tsuen.Wan.Class#1  
Love Seat DreamHOUSE "the WhiteHOUSE 97" art.&.scouting